an entirely Quebec design and manufacturing

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At Usimax, we are experts in the design and manufacture of gearboxes. We offer you:
  • Flexibility in the design of gearboxes
  • Superior construction thanks to the use of the latest technologies
  • Flawless quality guaranteed by fully in-house manufacturing
  • A range of standard gearboxes to meet the most common needs
  • Fully Quebec design and manufacturing
  • Fast availability of spare parts

We can adapt our gearboxes to customer needs
and even design and make products specific for them

Our gearboxes in stock

Speed reducers, special gears of different types such as worm gear, spur gears, planetary gears, bevel gears, etc., transmission shafts and truck canvas reels are some of the gearbox models we have in stock to quickly meet your needs.

Do you have specific needs for gears and gearboxes? Contact our team to let us know.

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