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precision machining

usinage precision

What we
offer you

  • Challenging challenges in designing and manufacturing parts at different levels of complexity
  • A workplace where your ideas are listened to and taken into account
  • High-tech equipment, including 5-axis machines
  • Continuous training and the development of your skills
  • Job security at a competitive salary
  • Benefits such as health insurance and Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)
  • Opportunities for advancement
Are you dynamic and ready to take on challenges? Do you like working in a team and are capable of initiative? The challenges stimulate you and you want to learn and evolve in your job? You are the kind of person we are looking for a career in precision machining.

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Available positions (only in french):
CNC machinist
Electromechanical technician

Like us, do you like pushing the limits to design and manufacture mechanical components and industrial parts? Send us your curriculum vitae using the following form:

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    Available careers

    Our core


    At USIMAX INC. "The customer is king" This is part of our corporate culture and encourages us to make every effort to surpass their needs and expectations by offering a first class service, optimal value-added solutions and products as well as effective support.

    Customer satisfaction is a priority and motivates all our efforts. This is the real measure of our performance.

    The technical support we offer our customers sets us apart from the competition.

    State-of-the-art technologies

    The performance of USIMAX INC. is directly related to the quality of its equipment and its digital control technologies. We are constantly investing to be at the forefront of design, programming and manufacturing technologies.

    Respect and integrity

    We value our reputation deeply. We act with respect and honesty and maintain the highest level of integrity, ethics, impartiality and transparency in all our interactions.

    Excellence and innovation

    We are constantly challenging our performance because our demands are high, and we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We are dynamic and flexible in the offering of our products, services and solutions and we are innovative in the continuous improvement of our way of doing things.

    Our products and services are the result of competent teamwork

    Employees are the most important resource of USIMAX INC .: We involve them in planning, prevention, enforcement and control, while promoting a healthy work environment. Everyone must earn the trust of their employees.

    Our approach and our interest is our success. Our expertise and skills are the driving force of our growth. Our employees are qualified in a wide range of disciplines and we help them to deepen their knowledge through professional development programs.

    Effective management systems

    The planning of activities, the allocation of necessary resources and the prevention of nonconformities ensure consistent quality and the respect of promised deadlines.

    All employees are responsible for quality and quality assurance, through the implementation of continuous improvement processes, supported by their superiors. Our quality system meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and our safety system meets the Controlled Goods Program.


    challenging challenges


    social advantages

    for advancement

    opportunities for advancement

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