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engrenages 3G-125-135 HP


3G-125-135 HP


  • Use for tractors or equipment that can go up to 125 HP or 135 HP at 1000 rpm like a reducer or an accelerator. Ideal for snow blower or industrial machinery when direction of rotation must stay the same.
  • This gearbox is ideal for replacing the chain cases because it is more efficient, more quiet and more durable.
  • Machined precisely on CNC machines, cast iron housing with fins to assure good cooling and excellent stiffness.
  • All 3 helical gears are made of alloy steel. These gears are heat treated to make them more resistant to wear and impact in case of a sudden jam.
  • High efficiency of 97-98%. Quiet running and reduced maintenance.
  • Standard ratio 1:1, 1.8:1, and 2.11:1. Other ratios are available on special order
  • Male input shaft 1 3/8-6 splines or 1 ¾ -20 splines.
  • Male or Female output 1 3/8 –6 splines or 1 ¾-20 splines.
  • 6 tapered roller bearings for high performance and durability. To facilitate a precise adjustment of each pair of tapered roller bearing, we designed a cover for each of the 3 rotation axis. These covers increase the impact resistance and make it easier for the maintenance or the eventual repair.
  • Double lips rubber seals. Inspected and leak tested before shipping.
  • 6 machined mounting post threaded ½-13 UNC on each side of gearbox to facilitate adequate installation.
  • One year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Use 80w90 gear oil. Shipped without oil.
  • Approximate weight of 100 pounds



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